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Longjing (Shi Feng)

Our range of Longjing is a selection of the most exclusive teas from a terroir recognised as the best region for producing Longjing: Shi Feng Mountain, not far from West Lake in Zhejiang, China (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). The No. 1 green tea in China, our Longjing is sourced directly from an official supplier of the government, one of the most renowned tea gardens in China.

  1. Premium 94 P.

    Shi Feng Mt., Zhejiang



    €16.12 / 100g

  2. Super Premium 97 P.

    Shi Feng, Zhejiang



    €35.80 / 100g

  3. Imperial Grade 99 P.

    Shi Feng, Zhejiang



    €69.80 / 100g

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