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Liposomal Formulations

Liposome technology can increase the absorption of active ingredients in the gut by encapsulating the compounds inside small fat globules. These serve as a protective coating similar to the lipid bilayer of the body's own cells. In a true liposomal formulation, the active ingredient to phospholipid ratio must be optimal. Without this balanced ratio, the mixture is simply an emulsion and offers no real advantages. We ensure that our liposomal nutrients are combined with optimal levels of sunflower phospholipids in order to achieve true liposomal formulations offering superior bioavailability.

Liposomal Vitamin C

The most bioavailable form of vitamin C, easily absorbed in the gut. Highest possible ratio (1:0.6) of vitamin C to (sunflower-derived) phospholipids, resulting in 1,000mg of liposomal vitamin C per 5ml. Stabilised exclusively with a natural extract of sea buckthorn fruit. Soy free, no additives.
  1. Genuine Liposomes

    in sunflower lipids



    €91.60 / 1l

  2. Bundle

    in sunflower lipids

    €43.51 €45.80


    €87.02 / 1l

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