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Kyusu Masterpieces

Exquisite Kyusu teapots from leading artisans in Tokoname: one of Japan's most important ceramic centres with a history that extends over 900 years. Tokoname teapots are made using unglazed iron-rich clays, which can help reduce the astringency of green teas for a sweeter brew.


Seiji Ito, also known as Jinshu, is a globally renowned Tokoname-yaki artisan, especially for his flat Hira Kyusu. These small, sleek and shallow teapots are perfect for brewing Gyokuro and have won numerous design awards both at home and abroad.

Teruyuki Isobe

One of the most in-demand Kyusu artisans alive, Teruyuki Isobe is most recognised for his award-winning Inka “flower stamp” designs. A delight to behold, these spectacular teapots are meticulously embellished with tiny blossoms hand-stamped one by one into the claybody and accented with brightly coloured clays.
  1. Teruyuki Isobe



  2. Teruyuki Isobe



  3. Teruyuki Isobe




Spectacular Tokoname masterpieces hand-turned and -polished to perfection by the eminent Japanese potter, Setsudo. These shiny feats of craftsmanship are much sought-after by collectors and are only fitting to serve the very finest teas.

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