Set of 2 Kettle Aubergines
Cast Iron


Original kettle aubergines by Japanese brand Iwachu, to improve the water taste of larger kettles (e.g. Yakan). Handmade Japanese cast iron, for boiling water for tea and coffee, not coated, set of 2. Also suitable for pickling aubergines, for boiling black beans, and for removing sand from shells.
Product Set of 2 Kettle Aubergines Cast Iron
Function To improve the taste of water for tea and coffee
For pickling aubergines and boiling black beans
For removing sand from shells
Producer Iwachu, leading Japanese producer for kettles (tetsubin)
Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, Japan
Dimensions approx. 7-9cm length
Weight approx. 150-170g per aubergine

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Nanbu Tekki 南部鉄器

The origins of Nanbu Tekki, or Nanbu ironware, can be traced back to the mid-17th century, when the Nanbu samurai clan were in need of Buddhist altars, bells and chagama teapots to furnish their newly built castle in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, and so invited skilled metal casters from across the country to lend them a hand. Although the name Nanbu is written in kanji as "southern region", the clan ruled in the north of Japan, where materials needed for ironwork were naturally abundant. Highly durable, Nanbu Tekki is often deemed the best metalwork in Japan and makes beloved heirlooms—particularly cast iron kettles, or tetsubin, which are also highly sought after by collectors around the world. In 1975, Nanbu Tekki was designated the first certified Traditional Craft of Japan. The name Nanbu Tekki refers exclusively to cast iron products made in the cities of Morioka and Oshu

Iwachu 岩鋳

Der Name Iwachu steht für Gusseisenwaren von höchster Güte, und das vielseitige Produktsortiment reicht von den klassischen gusseisernen Kesseln (Tetsubin) und Teekannen (Tetsu-kyusu) sowie deren Zubehör bis hin zu Glocken, Pfannen, und vielem mehr. Die Manufaktur rühmt sich nicht nur ihrer Tradition seit Firmengründung in der Meiji-Zeit und der Fortführung der 400 Jahre alten Nanbu-Tekki Tradition, sondern vor allem auch der firmeneigenen Produktionslinie, wo jeder einzelne Schritt von der Designplanung über die aufwendige Herstellung bis hin zum Verkauf von Iwachu selbst ausgeführt wird. Iwachu hat sich der Herstellung von robusten Gusseisenwaren mit ausgezeichneter Funktionalität und zeitgemäßem Design verschrieben, wobei die Ausbildung zum Gießmeister mindestens 15 Jahre dauert und alle Produkte folglich höchsten Qualitätsstandards entsprechen.



Place aubergines in the kettle during the boiling process- the water is thus enriched with valuable iron, especially the particularly bioavailable iron(II). Only add to larger kettles (e.g. Yakan), conventional electric kettles can be damaged by the movement of the iron.


The traditional Japanese way of pickling aubergines with rice bran retains its dark purple colour particularly well when pickled together with Nanbu Tekki cast iron aubergines.


Traditionally, black soybeans (kuromame 黒豆) are cooked in Japan and served as a side dish. If you add Nanbu Tekki cast iron aubergines during cooking, the beans become a particularly shiny black colour.


Adding the Nanbu Tekki cast iron aubergines to mussels soaked in water for desanding allows the sand to be released from the mussels into the water more quickly.

Care and cleaning

Always rinse thoroughly with lukewarm running water after use and dry with a cloth. Please do not put in the dishwasher or microwave.

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