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Karigane Kukicha

Mild green tea, low in caffeine and made mainly from stems. Rich in umami flavour/amino acids and with a slight sweetness. Karigane teas are made from the stems of premium senchas or gyokuros, while kukichas are made from the stems of banchas or senchas. Apart from classic Karigane made from Sencha, Gyokuro as well as Tencha we also offer fruity aroma blends and finely roasted Kukicha. Sourced directly from leading tea farms in Japan and tested in a German laboratory.

Sencha Karigane

Mild Karigane with an amino-sweet flavour, blended with high-quality sencha needles. Custom produced for us from 1st harvest teas. Low in caffeine and ideal for enjoying in the evening.
  1. €9.90


    €9.90 / 100g

  2. €14.31 €15.90


    €14.31 / 100g

  3. €10.90


    €5.45 / 100g

  4. €13.90


    €6.95 / 100g

  5. €15.90


    €15.90 / 100g

Gyokuro Karigane

Mild and sweet organic karigane, custom-made for us from shaded gyokuro leaves by the organic Sakamoto gyokuro farm.
  1. €10.90


    €10.90 / 100g

Tencha Usuore Karigane

Tencha Usuore Karigane is made exclusively from the leaf strands which originate in tencha production, and has a vitalising, umami-sweet flavour. A truly noble tea, most commonly reserved for well-connected connoisseurs of Japanese teas, who have a direct connection with the producer.
  1. €25.90


    €64.75 / 100g


Rare sannenbancha, matured for a full 3 years, with a high content of special polysaccharides and a wonderfully sweet, roasted aroma.
  1. Super Premium 97 P.

    Fujieda, Shizuoka



    €11.90 / 100g

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