Jasmine Tea Set
Mt. Taimu


Both of our Super Premium white teas from Fuding, Fujian Province scented three times over with jasmine blossoms. Sourced directly from the top terroir of Mount Taimu. Blossoms from Heng, Guangxi. 2x80g

Silver Needle Jasmine First Grade Mount Taimu

Only the most exquisite silver needles from Mount Taimu are selected for this tea. The needles are then naturally scented three times over with fresh jasmine blossoms from the acclaimed region of Heng in Guangxi. In each of the three fragrancing steps, fresh jasmine blossoms are mixed into the tea and then carefully removed by hand. The resulting tea is exceptionally elegant and creamy, with delicate notes of butter and an intense jasmine aroma. This light, energizing tea is also rich in L-theanine and caffeine.


Dragon Pearl Jasmine First Grade Mount Taimu

This tea is created in much the same way as our silver needle above but with a couple key differences which result in a perfectly balanced cup with a beautiful sweetness reminiscent of cool rice milk. First, the base tea is made from leaves of the Fuding Da Bai cultivar. As above, they are naturally scented three times over with fresh jasmine blossoms from the acclaimed region of Heng in Guangxi, achieving the jasmine fragrance in the same elaborate process requiring new, fresh blossoms at each stage. This elegant scented tea, with rolled leaves to create a lovely unfurling display during infusion, has a refreshing jasmine taste with the clarity of spring water.

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Jasmine Dragon Pearls Zhenghe White Tea

Jasmine Tea Dragon Pearls White Tea, 4-5 times hand scented with fresh jasmine flowers, Super Premium Dragon Pearl White Tea, no added artificial flavours, top terroir Zhenghe in Fujian.

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Silver Needle Jasmine Mount Taimu Pesticide Free

Super premium silver needle tea cultivated at 700m elevation in the top terroir of Fuding in Fujian Province. Triple hand-mixed for an elegant fragrance with jasmine blossoms from Heng, Guangxi: the origin of jasmine tea. 80g

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