Japanese Soup Bowl
Kyogata Negoro

Original Japanese soup bowl made of lacquered wood. 250ml
Type Soup bowl
Origin Yamanaka, Ishikawa, Japan
Capacity 250ml
Dimensions Ø11.5cm x 7cm
Weight 90g
Material Japanese Zelkove wood
Glaze Lacquer/Urushi

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Owan お碗

Owan simply means "bowl" in Japanese, and refers to the small bowls typically used to serve miso soup and rice, which may come with a matching lid to help retain heat. Soup bowls, also known as shiru-wan, are often made of lacquered wood, while rice bowls or meshi-wan can also be made of porcelain—however these charming bowls are perfect for presenting any small items of food.


Japanese lacquer or urushi is the purified sap of the Asian lacquer tree, which has been used for thousands of years in Japan to coat objects from crockery to furniture and buildings. When dry, lacquer is both heat and water resistant, providing protection and strength to underlying materials, very often wood, but also bamboo, paper and leather. Lacquerware itself can be referred to as urushi as well as shikki (literally "urushi vessel"). Pure urushi is transparent, while the black and red lacquers most associated with shikki are achieved with the addition of mineral pigments.


Hand wash with warm water and soft cloth or sponge, do not soak. Use mild liquid detergent when necessary. Towel dry after draining to prevent water spots and leave to completely dry naturally. Store out of direct sunlight and extremely dry conditions. Natural urushi lacquer becomes more lustrous with use and regular cleaning/wiping.

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