Japanese Sake Cup
Guinomi Geppaku


An enchanting Guinomi sake cup by Hosai XVI: the 16th generation of the legendary Asahiyaki workshop. Artfully coated in his signature pale blue Geppaku glaze, each cup is initially turned on the potter's wheel, then carved by hand and baked in a pine wood-fired climbing kiln for a truly one-of-a-kind piece.
Product Blue, white and clay sake cup
Maker Hosai XVI of Asahiyaki
Origin Uji, Kyoto, Japan
Material Uji clay
Glaze Geppaku ("Moon White"), white, clear
Dimensions Ø7.5 x 3.5cm
Weight 250g
Artist's mark Seal to base
Packaging Wooden box (kiribako)


Each item is handmade therefore sizes, colour and glazing may vary slightly.


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Matsubayashi Hosai (松林豊斎) was born in 1980 and assumed the name of Hosai XVI in 2016, as the 16th generation of the Asahiyaki kiln. Located in the Uji region of Kyoto prefecture: Japan’s historic centre for tea cultivation, the Asahiyaki kiln has kept its fires burning for over 400 years, counting samurai to the reigning Imperial Family as clients.

In his work, Hosai XVI continues the aesthetic tradition of celebrated tea master Kobori Enshu (1578-1645), who had bestowed the sobriquet of “Asahi” to the workshop back in the 17th century. Hosai XVI is famed for his irregular forms and bright colours, particularly the development of the pellucid sky blue “Geppaku” glaze that is now a hallmark of Asahiyaki.


Before first use please soak in water for ten minutes as this will prevent it from staining easily. Each time after use, wipe off water and dry thoroughly before storing.

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