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Japanese Green Tea

Explore the world of fine Japanese green tea: all important varieties and cultivars from the best regions and terroirs, sourced directly from leading tea farms in Japan and tested in a German laboratory.

  1. Catechin Tea
    functional tea, highly concentrated catechins
  2. Bancha Tea
    Alkaline (early harvest), slightly bitter, mild
  3. Benifuuki
    Cross between assam and sinensis, highest catechin content
  4. Fukamushi Sencha
    Strong, intense deep-steamed Sencha
  5. GABA
    Matured in nitrogen for high GABA content
  6. Genmaicha
    Bancha & sencha with roasted rice. A mild and nutritious tea
  7. Gyokuro
    Fully shaded, young leaves: fine green tea, full umami
  8. Hojicha
    Roasted Bancha: fine roasted aromas
  9. Kabusecha
    Semi-shaded green tea, combines Gyokuro and Sencha
  10. kamairicha-tea
    Fired, not rolled: particularly aromatic
  11. Matcha-Iri
    Japanese green teas with Matcha powder
    Cold brew tea: refreshing, sweet, umami
  13. Sannenbancha
    Stems matured for 3 yrs, roasted alkaline, mineral, extremely mild
  14. Sencha
    Steamed, rolled, lots of sun: bitter, strong, the classic
  15. Shincha 2022
    The very first spring tea: particularly vitalising & precious
  16. Sunrouge
    Cross between taliensis and sinensis: high anthocyanin content
    Traditional green and black tea blends from Japan
  18. Matcha Tea
    The finest ground green tea leaves, all tea nutrients preserved
  19. Green Tea Bags
    Pyramid-shaped tea bags with the most important varieties of green tea
  20. Product Finder
    Compare teas to find the right one
  21. Laboratory Tests
    An overview of laboratory tests conducted on our teas
  22. Special Offers
    Top deals on green tea
  23. Base and Starter Sets
    A selection of the most important teas and accessories. Imported directly and laboratory tested

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