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Japan (Wakocha)

Japanese wakocha (和紅茶) is one of the best varieties of black tea in the world, alongside those from Darjeeling, Sri Lanka and China. Its elegant yet subtle flavour which carries delicate and aromatic floral notes, as well as its strong and bright cup colour, puts Japanese black tea in a class of its own. Traditional farmers in Japan are starting to dedicate themselves to the almost forgotten art of black tea production in ever increasing numbers. We source our wakocha from award-winning farmers producing wakocha in Japan's most renowned black tea terroirs.

Ashikita Wakocha

With their intensely floral benifuuki wakocha and rare, fruity izumi wakocha from the best growing region in Ashikita, our producers, Kumamoto, have won some of the most prestigious tea awards in Japan (Nihoncha Award, Kyushu Wakocha Contest). Very limited availability, especially the Izumi teas.

Yame Wakocha

Elegant organic gourmet wakocha from the mountainous Yame region in Fukuoka. From a multi-award winning tea garden in Yame, famed for its fine Japanese black teas. The yabukita wakocha has a wonderful, floral bouquet with notes of plum blossom and peach, while the benifuuki wakocha has a seductive fragrance reminiscent of fine perfume with fine whiskey notes and a subtle fruity sweetness.

Gokase Wakocha

The zairai cultivar is a very old cultivar of undetermined origin, endemic to Kyushu. Miyazaki Sabou's tea plants in Gokase are almost 100 years old, which, in combination with his particularly natural cultivation methods, results in a remarkably clear and potent black tea with beautiful notes of malt and raw cocoa.
  1. Super Premium 96 P.

    Gokase, Miyazaki



    €11.90 / 100g

  2. Super Premium 96 P.

    Gokase, Miyazaki



    €12.50 / 100g

GABA Wakocha

GABA wakocha from the best growing area at the foot of Mount Fuji, cultivated according to certified organic standards by green tea legend, Toshihiro Hirayanagi. Sweet notes of salted caramel and candy floss and malty aromas harmonise with wakocha's signature berry and floral flavours. With laboratory-verified GABA content.
  1. Premium 94 P.



    €21.12 / 100g

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