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Saffron, which has had a firm place in the traditional botany of many cultures for hundreds of years, is considered the most aromatic and precious spice in the world. The phytochemical composition of saffron is now well studied — so far the plant has been shown to harbour over 150 different phytochemicals. The most important active compounds are safranal and crocine.

Saffron Extract

Premium saffron extract. High content of active ingredients from saffron in their natural proportion, namely 3% safranal, 7.5% crocine and 20% polyphenols. Ultra-pure extraction with water and food grade alcohol only, no chemical solvents.
  1. 3% Safranal, 7.5% Crocin

    water-ethanol extract


    90 capsules

    €75.78 / 100g

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