Tea Roaster

Special roaster made of heat-stable clay, for making your own Japanese roasted green tea (hojicha). Also suitable for sesame or beans. For use on the gas stove. Not dishwasher safe.
Origin Japan
Roasting Surface
Approx. 10cm
Size 14 x 5cm, approx. 24cm with handle
Material Heat resistant black clay; handle covered with rattan
Application Only for use with open flame (e.g. gas stove)



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Preparation of Hojicha from Sencha for 2 people:

Heat the roaster to a medium temperature, add about 10g of tea, then reduce heat and move the tea around as steam forms so that all tea leaves are roasted evenly. When doing this, the roaster may need to be removed from the heat to avoid burning the tea leaves.

The green tea should turn light brown within 1 minute. However, the roasting time can be adjusted according to your taste. The roasting process destroys the catechins and bitter compounds and the tea develops a completely new aroma.

Recommended teas for the preparation of hojicha include sencha, bancha and kukicha, although they should generally be older.


Not dishwasher safe. Wash with lukewarm water. Use detergent only if necessary.

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