Hemp Seed Oil
20% C'B'D

Natural Full Spectrum

Hemp oil drops with 20% C'B'D and a pleasant, mild hemp flavour. Full phytochemical spectrum to allow the natural entourage effect between the hemp plant's fat- and water-soluble bioactives. Suspended in high-quality coconut MCT oil, rich in medium-chain fatty acids. Produced and cultivated pesticide-free in the EU. <0.01% T'H'C (natural product), 10ml.


  • Hemp oil with C'B'D and the hemp plant's full phytochemical spectrum
  • Natural entourage effect: mild interaction between the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids
  • Flavour: pleasant, mild hemp aroma
  • High quality ethanol process (food grade alcohol)
  • 333 drops per bottle
  • T'H'C content <0.01% (manufacturer's specification, verified by independent laboratory test)
  • Important note: As a natural product, may contain small traces of T'H'C. Therefore not recommended for competitive athletes (in-competition doping list), as well as for pregnant women, nursing mothers, adolescents and children.

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Premium Bioactive Ingredients

  • Pure flavour: pleasantly mild hemp aroma
  • Hemp oil with C'B'D and the hemp plant's full phytochemical spectrum
  • Natural entourage effect: mild interaction between the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids
  • 333 drops per bottle
  • 6 mg pure C'B'D per drop
  • Hemp seed oil from 100% pure commercial hemp
  • Natural carrier oil: high-quality MCT oil from coconut with valuable medium-chain fatty acids
  • All raw materials from pesticide-free cultivation in Europe
  • Pure, natural product without additives

How are we different?

There are two types of C'B'D oils on the market: those that offer C'B'D as an isolated ingredient, either produced synthetically or completely chemically purified, and those that offer C'B'D as a full-spectrum extract, which retains all the natural, potent phytochemicals, including terpenes, lipids, polyphenols and flavonoids. The positive effects of natural extracts can far outweigh those of isolated compounds due to what is known as the entourage effect, where a synergistic interplay occurs between the natural hemp compounds.

Although isolated C'B'D products have a milder taste and are more affordable, we choose to offer C'B'D oils derived through a gentle ethanol extraction that retains not only the C'B'D, but also 2-3% other cannabinoids and hundreds of other substances including terpenes, polyphenols and flavonoids, which all contribute to the entourage effect. Furthermore, because the extraction is performed without chemical solvents such as N-hexane and acetone, we are able to offer a completely pure C'B'D oil.

All components of our C'B'D oils are sourced from pesticide-free cultivation in the EU. We use ultra-pure coconut MCT oil as a carrier oil, which guarantees a long shelf-life as well as optimal absorption of the fat-soluble phytochemicals. The golden colour of the hemp oil reflects its unique quality. It has a naturally mind hemp flavour, without the unpleasant bitterness that is characteristic of many C'B'D oils.


  • Premium active ingredients in their purest form
  • Sourced directly from the world’s best producers
  • Our select raw materials are the basis of all our formulations
  • Complete avoidance of all unnecessary additives and adjuvants
  • Exclusive use of valuable natural ingredients for additives
  • We voluntarily declare all ingredients
  • All extractions performed without the use of chemical solvents
  • Custom production when necessary, in order to achieve the highest possible level of purity
  • Independent laboratory testing available on product pages
  • Raw materials sourced only from premium suppliers who are committed to fair working conditions
  • Amber glass and compostable pouches used for packaging
  • Vegan capsule shells, free from PEG and carrageenans
  • Packaged in the EU according to HACCP, GMP and ISO 22000:2018 standards
  • Stored in non-toxic containers
  • Shipped in mineral oil-free boxes
  • All products guaranteed 100% free from magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, nanoparticles (no legal opportunism), genetic engineering, artificial colours and flavours, titanium dioxide and added sugar & sweeteners


Recommended Dosage

Place 3 drops under the tongue per day. Hold the drops in the mouth for as long as possible before swallowing.


Not suitable for children or adolescents as well as individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Food Supplement

Do not exceed the recommended dose. Food supplements cannot replace a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of children.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat, ideally refrigerated.


Ingredients: MCT (Coconut) Oil⥉, Hemp Seed Oil⥉ with natural Hemp Aroma. 100% THC-free
⥉ from pesticide-free cultivation
Contains: 10ml

 Ingredients/ 3 Drops (83.7mg) % NRV**
Hemp Seed Oil⥉ with Hemp Aroma 18mg -***

* Nutrient Reference Value
** no reference available
⥉ from pesticide-free cultivation

Product details

German Pharmaceutical Number (PZN) 17628116
Production Ethanol extraction in the EU
In-house production in Europe, bottling in the EU according to HACCP, GMP / ISO 22000:2018 standards
Finished products packaged in amber glass bottles and stored in non-toxic containers
Shipping in mineral oil-free boxes
Packaging Amber glass bottle to protect against light and oxidation (free from plasticisers and BPA)
To Reuse Remove product label by soaking the bottle in warm water for 5 minutes. Glue residue can be removed with dish soap.

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Our Philosophy

For thousands of years, cultures all over the world have been using medicinal plants and nutritious foods to naturally foster and maintain vitality and good health.

With our products, we try to emulate this ancient wisdom as much as possible.

Consequently, our philosophy is simple: everything we do meets the highest standards of quality and purity; our focus is on organic and natural ingredients.

We follow this philosophy with meticulous care on all levels and down to every last detail.

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