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Noble green teas from fully-shaded, young leaves. Rich in amino acids and chlorophyll, and with a slightly sweet, umami flavour. Sourced from top regions including Hoshino, Yame, Kyushu and Okabe. Tested for radioactivity in a German laboratory.

Sakamoto Organic Tea Garden in Shibushi, Kirishima

Teas from an exceptional tea garden located in the highlands of Kirishima and specialised in the cultivation of high-quality, organic gyokuros since 1985. The tea plants are harvested only once per year and benefit from long regeneration periods. The Sakamoto brothers have developed a unique, holistic cultivation system that produces better harvests of natural, full, nutrient-rich organic gyokuros every year. Additionally, they work as mentors to young farmers to pass on their knowledge and methods to a new generation of farmers who are passionate about organic standards.
  1. Highest Grade 98 P.



    €10.90 / 100g

  2. €19.90


    €19.90 / 100g

  1. Super Premium 96 P.



    €39.88 / 100g

Organic Gyokuro from Small Kyushu Tea Gardens

Kagoshima and Miyazaki are leading Japanese tea regions, with mineral-rich volcanic soils. The gentle cultivation methods and remote altitudes which are characteristic to these farms ensure the production of delicious and particularly pure organic gyokuros.

Gyokuro Tea Garden in Okabe, Shizuoka

Okabe is the top region for gyokuro cultivation in Shizuoka. We source these gyokuros from a small cooperative of tea gardens located along the Okabe River, led by an award-winning farmer (with a 2nd place MAFF Award). The cooperative produces particularly strong and fresh gyokuros with the typical mountain character of Shizuoka.
  1. €19.50


    €19.50 / 100g

Nishi Organic Tea Garden in Makizono, Kirishima

The Nishi family runs one of Japan's leading organic tea gardens. The remote, idyllic location in the highlands of Kirishima, combined with innovative organic cultivation methods, has contributed to the family's outstanding reputation. Their gyokuros are characterised by a fine complexity and naturalness.
  1. Super Premium 96 P.



    €42.38 / 100g

Award-Winning Hon Gyokuros From Hoshino, Yame

Hon gyokuros from Uji and Yame are among the best in all of Japan. Master Takaki's Nihoncha Award-winning tea garden is located along the picturesque Hoshino River, which provides an ideal level of misting for natural shading. His gyokuros are elegant and expressive. As well as Master Takaki's excellent teas, we also offer two other gyokuros from Hoshino, including Hoshino Tezumi, a premium, hand-picked tea.

Award-Winning Hon Gyokuros From Uji

Hon gyokuros from Uji and Yame are among the best in all of Japan. Our Gyokuro Nagatani is a real rarity. We source these gyokuros from Yoshikazu Yamashita, purveyor to the court of Tenno. The gyokuro is processed according to traditional methods and is of the highest quality down to every last detail (e.g. the tea is dried on Binchotan charcoal).

Kyusu for Gyokuro

Wide, shallow Kyusu teapots increase the surface area of the hot water, which not only helps to keep it cool but allows the tea leaves to spread out to fully release their aroma and flavour – making them perfect for brewing Gyokuro.
  1. Junzo Maekawa



  2. Teruyuki Isobe



  3. Teruyuki Isobe




Sweets made from gently grounded gyokuro from Hoshino.
  1. Okashi

    Hoshino, Japan



    €6.90 / 100g

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    Shibushi + Tokoname

    €58.70 €74.80

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    Gyokuro, Sencha, Bancha

    €39.90 €42.70


    €13.30 / 100g

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    €17.32 / 100g

  4. Vorteilsset

    Gyokuro, Sencha, Bancha, Matcha

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    €18.23 / 100g

  5. Premium 90 P.

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    €16.06 / 100g

  6. Premium 92 P.

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    €19.86 / 100g

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    €23.06 / 100g

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    €92.38 / 100g

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