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Green Tea Powder

Ground green tea powder, known in Japanese as "funmatsucha" 粉末茶, is an extremely popular variety – not only for its simplicity and its intense, pure green tea flavour – from a health perspective, the powder is also rich in nutrients and active substances, with all the beneficial compounds of the tea being absorbed into the body.

Sencha Powder

Premium funmatsucha from coastal town of Shibushi. Delicious natural sweetness, very creamy taste.
  1. Contest Grade 99 P.

    Shibushi, Kagoshima



    €396.67 / 1kg

Benifuuki Powder

Widely recognised as a functional tea, our benifuuki is available as a finely ground powder, ideal for the full absorption of its active ingredients. Very rich in beneficial catechins as well as special methylated catechins.
  1. Premium 93 P.

    Ureshino, Saga



    €338.00 / 1kg

  2. Premium 90 P.

    Chiran, Kagoshima



    €322.50 / 1kg

Hojicha Powder

Fine hojicha powder originally from Wazuka, the birthplace of famous uji tea. Roasted intensively exclusively for us, for a full roasted aroma with a fine, nutty sweetness. Delicious as a tea or as a hojicha latte, also suitable for baking.
  1. Super Premium 96 P.

    Wazuka, Soraku, Kyoto



    €159.00 / 1kg

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