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The alkaline green tea classic mixed with rice. Pleasantly warming, with roasted aromas. Popular as an accompaniment to food. Mild, low-caffeine version with bancha, aromatic and powerfully vitalising qualities of meban and sencha, as well as a harmonising, long-lasting version with matcha. Sourced directly from leading tea farms in Japan and tested in a German laboratory.

Genmai Bancha

Mild, wholesome genmai bancha blend from 100% certified organic cultivation. Excellent with hearty meals and especially enjoyable in the evening.

Genmai Meban

Noble Meban Bancha of the 1st intermediate harvest from the top terroir of Honyama with high-quality Ise Hikari rice from cultivation without pesticides. Pleasantly vitalising yet digestible.

Genmai Sencha

A rarity: high-quality sencha from the 1st harvest, grown at the top mountain terroir of Honyama in Shizuoka, blended with Ise Hikari rice from guaranteed pesticide-free cultivation. Enormously vitalising yet digestible, ideal in the morning or as an accompaniment to meals.

Genmaicha with Matcha

Our Genmai Bancha and Sencha are refined with ceremonial grade Matcha from pesticide-free cultivation for a particularly sweet, umami-intensive aroma. The matcha harmonises and stimulates at the same time, so that both teas are pleasantly balanced, with a long-lasting vitalising effect.

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    Honyama, Shizuoka

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