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This green tea is a warming and highly aromatic classic. Blended wiith roasted rice, it is perfect for accompanying a meal, a cosy get-together with friends or for simply enjoying as a nourishing drink throughout the day. Depending on the variety, we use either high-quality organic rice or the particularly tasty Ise Hikari rice, as well as premium teas—our blends stand out from conventional genmaicha in terms of quality and taste due to our use of high-quality Meban bancha, sencha and matcha.

Genmaicha with Sencha and Bancha

Genmaicha with low-caffeine bancha, Meban bancha and vitalising sencha. Through the use of high-quality green teas and organic rice/Ise Hikari rice, these genmaichas are especially full-bodied and aromatic.
  1. Chiran, Kagoshima



    €7.50 / 100g

  2. Premium 94 P.

    Honyama, Shizuoka



    €8.90 / 100g

  3. €11.50


    €11.50 / 100g

Genmaicha with Matcha

Our bancha and sencha genmaicha are refined with ceremonial grade matcha for a sweet aroma with strong umami. The pesticide-free matcha is harmonious yet stimulating, resulting in a pleasantly balanced genmaicha with a long-lasting vitalising effect. An exciting dichotomy of vegetal, sweet green tea notes and savoury roasted rice aromas.
  1. Premium 93 P.

    Chiran, Kagoshima



    €8.50 / 100g

  2. €10.90


    €10.90 / 100g

Top Deals

Practical bundled sets. Great for stocking up on your favourite tea or for trying new varieties.
  1. €14.25 €15.00

    €7.12 / 100g

  2. €15.20 €16.00

    €7.60 / 100g

  3. €21.28 €22.40


    €10.64 / 100g

Kyusu for Genmaicha

We recommend a large-volume kyusu for our genmaicha, as this tea is often drunk in larger quantities throughout the day.
  1. Studio Isshin



  2. Studio Isshin



  3. Studio Isshin



  4. Studio Shunshu



Teacups for Genmaicha

Our recommendations for genmaicha: single teacups as well as bundled sets.
  1. Mino



  2. Asahiyaki



  3. Mino

    180ml, 220ml

    €22.90 €39.80

  4. Suigetsu

    210ml, 240ml


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