Gaiwan Matte White


Traditional gaiwan made from high-quality Dehua porcelain. Consists of saucer, cup and top. Cup volume: 140ml. Hand-refined and available in an elegant matte finish. Standard component of the Chinese tea ceremony and perfect for Chinese and Taiwanese teas.
  • Elegant matte porcelain from Dehua with a wonderful feel
  • Elegantly timeless and functional design
  • Cylindrical form with pointed top: easy to hold and use
  • Precise fit: top does not shift during use
  • Traditionally multifunctional: serves as a small teapot or cup

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Our gaiwan are produced in the historical Chinese artists' town of Dehua. Since the beginning of the Ming dynasty in the 14th century, Dehua has enjoyed a reputation built on its elegant and high-quality porcelain. The pearl-white grace of Dehua porcelain is striking on its own and is therefore left without further decoration or painting. The simple beauty of this Dehua gaiwan certainly requires no further ornamentation.


The gaiwan should first be doused in hot water to warm up the porcelain before use. Thereafter the leaves and hot water are added: it is important not to fill the gaiwan to the brim, but rather to leave ample space. An overfull gaiwan can be difficult to pour and may burn the fingertips. Lastly, place the lid on top. After the tea has steeped, tilt the lid so that a small opening is visible. Pick up the gaiwan with one hand and use the index finger to hold the lid in place. Tilt the cup in the direction of the opening between lid and cup to pour. The method remains the same whether pouring into a cup or drinking directly from the gaiwan.


After use, remove leaves and hand-wash with warm water and soap. Immediate and regular washing will help to keep the 3 gaiwan pieces bright white.

Product Details

The gaiwan is the classic and cherished teacup of China.

A gaiwan usually consists of 3 parts: saucer, cup and top. This cup, functioning like a teapot, is ideal for steeping large-leafed oolong, green and white teas. A gaiwan can also be used for making Pu Erh.The gaiwan is extensively used in Chinese tea ceremonies as well as for tea tasting in private and professional settings.

Preparing tea in a gaiwan is simple and intuitive, although the proper way to hold the gaiwan at first requires a bit of practice (see more in "Uses" tab). A gaiwan can be used as a cup or a teapot.

Porcelain gaiwan produce especially aromatic teas because the porcelain reflects (rather than absorbs) the fragrance of the tea leaves. The open top of the cup also allows the aroma to rise and spread.

The perfect addition to the Gaiwan and complementing the tea ceremony are our Chinese Cha Hai decanters.

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