Tea Caddy
Zōge 象牙

Yoshi En

Custom-made in Japan, this sleek, modern tea caddy is inspired by traditional urushi lacquerware and is named Zōge after ivory. Suitable for storing all types of teas, with an aroma-sealing inner lid for extra freshness. Holds approximately a 100g of tea.
Product Tea caddy, cream
Origin Japan
Volume 380ml / 100g tea
Dimensions Ø8.7cm x 9cm
Weight 155g
Material Food-grade ABS resin, polypropylene, urethane lacquer

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Product Details

Custom-made in Japan for us, this tea caddy is a favourite of our editorial team. It combines minimalist Japanese elegance with high-quality craftsmanship and functionality. The tight-fitting lid allows for optimal aroma protection when storing fresh green teas and black or oolong teas alike.

Zōge Cream 象牙

The soft, cream shade of this tea caddy is reminiscent of cha-ire (茶入); which are particularly precious porcelain tins with lids made of ivory (zōge). This tea caddy is designed for use during the tea ceremony, to store and present noble tea intended for koicha (thick tea; 濃茶).

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