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Chan Xin
Zhang Ruiduan

Zhang Ruidan

Masterful unique piece and highly prized collector's item, which bears the name Chan Xin (chin. 禅心 "Heart of Zen". Made by Master Ruiduan Zhang, one of China's most renowned Zisha artists, from the highest quality Chaozhou Zhu Ni clay, authenticity confirmed by official certificate, 120ml.
  • Entirely handmade by Master Ruiduan Zhang.
  • Chan Xin (chin. 禅心 "heart of Zen") shape of teapot.
  • Highest quality Zhu Ni clay, which gives the tea a particularly soft, elegant and long-lasting taste.
  • Original from Chaozhou in Guandong, especially famous for its exquisite Zhu Ni clay deposits.
  • Weight: 156g

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Master Ruiduan Zhang

Master Ruiduan Zhang, born in 1968, is the 4th generation to carry on his family's tea ceramics tradition and has received several awards for his work, including the title of Senior Master of the Arts and Crafts and Inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage - two of the highest honours given by the Chinese government to only an extremely few and renowned artists.

Master Zhang has more than 30 years of experience in handcrafting the highest quality tea ware, with much of his training and education in Yixing City before returning to Chaozhou in Guandong to run his family's Yu De Tang workshop, which has over 100 years of traditional tea pottery making.

His teapots reveal a special level of aesthetic awareness, which, together with the high-quality, rare Chaozhou clay, makes them highly sought-after collectors' items.


Tea ceramics in collections of several famous regional and national museums (selection):

  • China Ceramics Exhibition Hall
  • Guangdong Provincial Museum of Arts and Crafts

Numerous awards and prizes from renowned national competitions (selection):

  • Seven-time winner of the gold medal of the China Arts and Crafts Culture and Innovation Award of the China Cultural Fair
  • 2015 Gold Medal in the National Soul Award
  • 2014 Gold Medal of "2014 Guangdong Traditional Arts and Crafts Exhibition".
  • 2013 Silver prize of the "7th China Pottery Award" for ceramic products at the Chaozhou Cup
  • 2012 Gold Medal of "China Arts and Crafts Culture and Innovation Award".
  • 2009 China-ASEAN Master of Fine Arts Exhibition" Gold Award winner
  • 2007 Gold Medal of the "Ninth China Master of Fine Arts and Crafts Exhibition".
  • 2007 Gold Medal of "2nd Guangdong Ceramic Art and Design Innovation Competition".
  • 2006 Gold Prize of the "China Arts and Crafts Excellence Award
  • 2003 Bronze Award of the 5th China (National) Arts and Crafts Master at the Shanghai International Art Festival of China.

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