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Cast Iron Kyusu

The iconic Japanese Tetsu-Kyusu (鉄急須) is a cast iron teapot with an enamelled interior and removable stainless steel strainer. All our Tetsu-Kyusu are handcrafted at leading foundries in Iwate: the origin of Nanbu Tekki ironware. Suitable for all types of teas except fruit teas.

Arare Pattern

Classic Arare (霰 "hail") patterned Tetsu-Kyusu in a variety of different dotted styles.

Sakura Pattern

These tetsu kyusu, with their graceful sakura embellishments, bring an authentic Japanese touch to tea preparation.


These Kambin (燗瓶 "sake warming pot") style Tetsu-Kyusu can also be used to gently heat up sake to body temperature on the stove.

Tetsubin Kyusu

A practical 2-in-1 kettle-teapot that can be used to brew tea and boil water thanks to a special rust-resistant coating on the inside.

Cast Iron Trivets

Protect surfaces by placing your Tetsu-Kyusu on a matching Nanbu Tekki trivet.
  1. Iwachu

    14 x 1.8cm


  2. Iwachu

    17.5 x 1.5 cm


  3. Oigen



  4. Oigen

    15.8 x 13.8cm


  5. Suzuki Morihisa

    13.5 x 1.9cm


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