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Cast Iron

Original cast iron teapots from leading manufacturers in Iwate, Japan. All materials used, from the raw iron to the enamel and coatings, are food-safe and tested for harmful substances. Suitable for all types of tea, except fruit tea.

Arare Pattern

High-quality cast iron kyusu featuring a fine arare (霰; hail) pattern. Arare is considered a classic surface design for traditional Japanese tetsubin and tetsu kyusu.

Nanbu Arare Pattern

Elegantly curved cast iron kyusu in the charming Nanbu style featuring arare (霰; hail) patterning on the outside.

Sakura Pattern

These tetsu kyusu, with their graceful sakura embellishments, bring an authentic Japanese touch to tea preparation.


A variety of kyusu, these high-quality cast iron kambin (燗瓶) are used traditionally in Japan to heat sake but are also suitable for brewing tea. Can be warmed on the stove to body temperature.

Tetsubin Kyusu (Unenamelled Combination Model)

A combination of tetsu kyusu and tetsubin, suitable for both boiling water and brewing tea. The interior features an iron-permeable coating to protect against rust.
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