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Cast Iron

Original cast iron teapots from leading manufacturers in Iwate, Japan. All materials used, from the raw iron to the enamel and coatings, are food-safe and tested for harmful substances. Suitable for all types of tea, except fruit tea.

Arare Pattern

Classic Arare (霰 "hail") patterned Tetsu-Kyusu in a variety of different dotted styles.

Nanbu Arare Pattern

Elegantly curved cast iron kyusu in the charming Nanbu style featuring arare (霰; hail) patterning on the outside.

Sakura Pattern

These tetsu kyusu, with their graceful sakura embellishments, bring an authentic Japanese touch to tea preparation.


These Kambin (燗瓶 "sake warming pot") style Tetsu-Kyusu can also be used to gently heat up sake to body temperature on the stove.

Tetsubin Kyusu

A practical 2-in-1 kettle-teapot that can be used to brew tea and boil water thanks to a special rust-resistant coating on the inside.

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