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Tetsubin - Cast Iron Kettles

Original cast iron Japanese kettles for boiling water for tea and coffee. Handmadein the style of nanbu tekki, with an enamel-free interior. Sourced directly from the market leader Iwachu in Morioka, Japan. German laboratory tested.

Tetsubin Iwachu

Satetsu Tetsubin

The finest tetsubins made of precious Japanese sand iron and featuring filigree. Very rust-resistant. Ideal for collectors.
  1. Iwachu



  2. Iwachu



Suzuki Morihisa Trivets

Original Nanbu Tekki cast ironware, from the traditional Suzuki Morihisa factory located in Iwate. High-quality, decorative accessories for tetsubin.
  1. Suzuki Morihisa

    13 x 2cm


  2. Suzuki Morihisa

    13.5 x 1.9cm


Iwachu Trivets

High-quality trivets by the well-known Nanbu Tekki brand Iwachu, located in Iwate, designed for use with tetsubin and tetsu-kyusu. Cast ironware from Iwachu has cult status in Japan, as the sturdy material is known for outstanding quality and often features creative designs.
  1. Iwachu

    14 x 1.8cm


  2. Iwachu



Cast Iron Aubergines

These cast iron aubergines by Iwachu are designed for use in iron kettles to improve the flavour of water and enrich it with iron ions.

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