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Tetsubin - Cast Iron Kettles

Original cast iron Japanese kettles for boiling water for tea and coffee. Handmadein the style of nanbu tekki, with an enamel-free interior. Sourced directly from the market leader Iwachu in Morioka, Japan. German laboratory tested.

Iwachu 岩鋳

High-quality tetsubin from Iwachu, the well-known Nanbu Tekki foundry from Iwate. Ironware from Iwachu has cult status in Japan, where the robust cast iron pieces are known for their outstanding quality and thoughtful designs.
  1. Iwachu



  2. Iwachu



  3. Tsutsu Shape



  4. Iwachu



  5. Iwachu



  1. Iwachu

    14 x 1.8cm


  2. Iwachu

    17.5 x 1.5 cm


  3. Iwachu



Tetsubin Kyusu

A combination of tetsu kyusu and tetsubin, suitable for both boiling water and brewing tea. The interior features an iron-permeable coating to protect against rust.

Oigen 及源

Fine cast iron tetsubin and coasters by Oigen, a 5th-generation family business from Ōshū, Iwate Prefecture. Oigen has been producing stylish and durable Nanbu Tekki ironware since 1852.
  1. Oigen



  2. Oigen



  3. Oigen

    15.8 x 13.8cm


Suzuki Morihisa

One of the original Nanbu Tekki foundries, Suzuki Morihisa has been creating first-class cast ironware in Morioka since the 17th century, across sixteen generations.
  1. Suzuki Morihisa



  2. Suzuki Morihisa



  3. Suzuki Morihisa



  4. Suzuki Morihisa



  5. Suzuki Morihisa

    13.5 x 1.9cm


Satetsu Tetsubin 砂鉄

High-end tetsubins made of precious Japanese ironsand. Very resistant to rust, these whistling kettles feature filigree and are perfect for collectors.
  1. Saiho



Koizumi Nizaemon 小泉仁左衛門

Original Tetsubin von Koizumi Nizaemon der 10. Generation, Begründerfamilie des Nanbu Tekki. Vom deutschen Architekten Bruno Taut in den höchsten Tönen gelobte harmonische "Schildkrötenpanzer"-Form mit gerundetem Sechseck. Beschichtet nur mit Naturlack aus lokaler Manufaktur sowie Ohaguro, für optimale Eisendurchlässigkeit.
  1. Koizumi Nizaemon




A lighter alternative to Tetsubin, the Yakan is a practical and attractive stovetop kettle for the home. Within the tea ceremony Yakan may be used to refill the Mizusashi fresh water container and clean the Chasen whisk.
  1. Azmaya


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