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The most powerful of all green teas: highest catechin content (particularly EGCG, ECG and methylated catechins EGCG3 "Me / -4 "Me). Moderate green tea flavour with black tea notes. Sourced directly from tea farms in southern Japan and tested in a German laboratory.

1st Harvest (Ichibancha)

Best taste of all harvests. Highest content of the main catechins EGCG and ECG found in any green tea. Contains a significant proportion of methylated catechins.

1st-3rd Harvest (Blend)

Balanced mix of all harvests, distinctly bitter and strong, high content of all catechins.

3rd Harvest (Sanbancha)

Sun-drenched summer harvest, very bitter and extremely strong, high content of methylated catechins. Ginger and benifuuki have a synergistic effect.
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    €4.25 / 100g

Benifuuki Oolong

Refining the tea into oolong produces a high yield and a particularly tasty tea with the highest content of methylated catechins.
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    €14.90 / 100g

Benifuuki Teabags

Exactly the same content as loose leaf Benifuuki teas, offered here in pyramid-shaped tea bags suitable for several infusions. The classic, thick-walled Sushi Yunomi (Japanese: 寿司湯呑) is the ideal tea cup for these tea bags.


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    €57.67 / 1kg

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    €63.80 / 1kg

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