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A classic mild, alkaline-mineral green tea from Japan, ideal as an evening tea. From the coarser leaves of later harvests (kariban) to the top quality leaves from the earlier harvest (meban). Sourced directly from the tea farm in Japan, and tested in a German laboratory.

Bancha 番茶

Premium bancha, mild and low in caffeine, from our organic pioneer farmers Nuruki and Nishi Seicha, from the rare Kariban harvest. Bancha Kari for gentle refreshment, Bancha Kaori for a more aromatic cup with a subtle bitterness. Akibancha Gentian for a balancing, harmonising blend. All teas can also be enjoyed as evening teas.

Meban 芽番

The highest bancha quality from the intermediate harvest between 1st and 2nd harvests. Bold like a sencha, yet pleasantly mild and low in caffeine. Highly aromatic, sweet blends with genmai roasted rice, rare tamaryokucha, and an exclusive Highest Grade organic meban, from the top mountain terroir: Tenryu, in Shizuoka.

Bancha Tea Bags

Our aromatic, organic Bancha Kaori in extra large pyramid tea bags for easy preparation.

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