88 Ya No Shincha
Kinezuka 2022

Contest Grade 98 P.

Contest Grade organic shincha from the 1st harvest of 2022. Sourced directly from an exceptional farm in the top region of Shizuoka, 100% from the yabukita cultivar. Particularly rich in caffeine, catechins and tannins and in perfect harmony of sweetness and astringency, the 88 Ya No Shincha is considered by tradition as a tea of longevity. 80g
  • Traditionally harvested on the lucky 88th night after the vernal equinox
  • Top terroir under Mount Fuji
  • Particularly nature-oriented approach in organic tea cultivation with higher self-imposed standards
  • Pesticide-free, organic cultivation since 1976
  • The terroir and cultivation methods result in an exceptionally vital and strong tea


Character Extremely natural, with strength, bitterness, umami and sweetness in beautiful harmony. Slight astringency, refreshing, delicate flavours of green apple in the finish
Tea Garden Kinezuka, Shizuoka
Terroir Setoya, Fujieda, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Harvest 1st flush (ichibancha), 2nd May 2022
Cultivar Yabukita (100%)
Elevation 200-400m
Steaming Fukamushi (60 seconds)
Organic Cert. EU certified organic, JAS since 2016, cultivated without the use of plant protection products since 1976
Laboratory Tests Radioactivity
Awards Chuunichi Award for Agriculture 2012
Grade 98/100 p. (sencha category); Contest Grade

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€373.75 / 1kg
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At Yoshi en we curate the world's finest teas from the most celebrated terroirs. Our comprehensive portfolio focuses on organic, single origin teas sourced directly from renowned farms. From Japan's subtropical islands to the Nepalese Himalayas, we offer a diverse, unparalleled collection of classic and rare teas. Thanks to our close partnerships with esteemed farmers around the world, our range is constantly expanding and evolving. As a natural extension to our enthusiasm for tea, we also offer an extensive selection of teaware and accessories from renowned makers worldwide. As an international team of passionate tea experts, we see ourselves as pioneers and ambassadors for a contemporary, healthy tea culture.

Tea Farm

Kinezuka Tea Garden

The Kinezuka tea garden is distinguished above all for its great commitment to organic cultivation and its exemplary high organic standards. This includes the complete renunciation of even those pesticides that are still permitted under the Japanese JAS organic regulation. As early as 1976, he even founded a cooperative of farmers in the Fujieda region with the commitment to grow only the purest organic tea. Meanwhile, more than 26 farms from the Fujieda region have joined the group. They are working together not only to further develop their organic farming methods, but to create a regionally overarching, holistic "people, farming, nature" organic system.



This outstanding 88 Ya No Shincha is the undisputed crown of the Kinezuka garden. Traditionally harvested on the 88th day after the Spring Festival, the 88 Ya No Shinchas are presented as exquisite and auspicious gifts not only to tea lovers, for it is the harvest of this one night that has been regarded from time immemorial as the elixir of longevity and great protector of health. The outstandingly strict, self-imposed organic standards of the Kinezuka tea garden are reflected in the intense umami and great richness of catechins and caffeine of this elegant, vital powerful exceptional tea. Highly aromatic, its beguiling, space-filling flavor bouquet is reminiscent of fresh oysters with a balanced, refreshing play from hearty to noble sweet, leaving a delicate fur on the tip of the tongue with its beautiful astringency in the finish.


slightly shorter, juicy green needles


creamy delicate soft ethereal greenish yellow

Shincha 2023

Shincha is processed like Sencha, comes from the first green harvest of the year and is also called spring or flying tea. It is considered a rarity even among upscale green teas, and is considered the most delicate of all harvests due to its intense freshness and august aroma.

Cultivation & Processing

The tea farm is idyllically located in the mountains above Fujieda, near the village of Nakayama. It is known above all for its exemplary, exceptionally strictly natural organic cultivation. In addition to particularly natural and expressive teas, from Sencha and Kabusecha, Bancha, to Hojicha and black teas, excellent organic rice, vegetables and fruits, especially Mikan (Japanese mandarin) are also grown.

Single Origin

This tea comes 100% from the above tea field in Fujieda. Direct purchase from the tea farmer.

Organic Certification


Brewing Guide

3 good tsp per 100-300ml (60°C) water. Steep for 2 min. Suitable for multiple infusions:

1. 55°C, 50 sec. 2. 65°C, 20 sec.
3. 60°C, 25 sec. 4. 60°C, 20 sec.
5. 60°C, 10 sec. 6. 60°C, 10 sec.

Tip: For a particularly powerful infusion that unfolds the full potential of the tea, we recommend:

3-4 good tsp per 100-300ml water (55-60°C). Steep for 2 min.


Packed in a particularly high-quality, hermetic aroma protection bag with zipper and stand-up bottom. The tea is protected in the best possible way from oxidation and from the effects of pollutants by means of a 9-fold layer with extremely high barrier security. In addition, each bag is vacuum packed according to the best packaging standards in Japan and a little nitrogen is added so that the tea is protected from oxidation in the best possible way.

Recommended Teapot

Ideal for this Sencha is a red Tokoname-Kyusu with fine ceramic sieve (the special clay and the oxidation firing bring out especially the valuable noble bitterness more beautifully), alternatively a black Tokoname-Kyusu (reduction firing, all-rounder for all green tea varieties).

Recommended Storage

A high-quality tea caddy made of cherry bark (solid wood, Kabazaiku Chazutsu) is ideal, alternatively a cheaper, internally coated, airtight tea caddy.

Laboratory Tests

The purity of our formulas is important to us. This is why we have both our raw ingredients as well as our finished products extensively tested by independent laboratories to confirm purity and active ingredient content. Here, we have provided the results of some of the tests carried out on this product.

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